Confident Creative Writing

I know a lot of people choose to write off food these days but this particular one was just like very well written that I can’t tell you exactly what is that but I remember my question about it afterwards is that this person is like amazing it is an amazing writer and it’s not something we see very often it’s someone at this particular age and I believe that person was admitted and you know it’s very hard to get through these days so I think if creative writing or just like writing in general is really a strength of yours in and something you feel very strongly about that I’m very confident about then we’d say go ahead and go ahead and yeah yeah but if it’s something that you’re like not really sure about.

We just don’t think that this is really the place to take that particular risk and I want to say safe keep a secret you’re talking and the way you write about it still matter you still have to have a lot of people read it still think this really seriously but just you might not want to do an expressive essay written from the perspective of you know a mouse that lives in your house there are something weird like that because it’s just gonna come across especially for the quest for yesterday I would say because it’s supposed to be your biographical asset so it’s just really not the place and then for poem said that sort of thing generally they don’t really go across that well in this format either I’ve seen just a handful in several years of reading so I know that most people don’t really take that risk but I think it just kind of comes up a little bit I almost go see a little flick like that you’re not really going to answer the question that was given to you but instead show how interesting you are and that you’re gonna stand out but I don’t think that necessarily translates to the positive result that people always seek yeah.

That’s just my thing with poems sometimes it leaves us as readers kind of wanting more it doesn’t quite tell us in most instances I think it doesn’t quite tell us enough about who you are and your background then we would like for it to so yeah I agree with grey speak there have been a handful of that I’ve read that really stand out and left really you know lasting impression but for the most part those don’t and only they tend to work out quite as well as maybe some students think they would I think one other thing that we see quite a bit are quotes so quotes from like historical figures or I don’t know pop culture or whatever it is that kind of start the beginning of your essay or you conclude your kness thing with a quote I think it’s fine to do that if there is a way that you are really tying it to the rest of your application that it makes sense for the quote to be there whether it’s at the beginning or at the end.

Payload Of Your Paper

A classic error for research grant proposals as well they’ll also describe Mount Everest they say here is this enormous problem give us some money and we’ll tackle it and die in the foothills all right so don’t do this okay well so two things that examples and not being over ambitious here now the second thing I put here was one describe the problem second say what your contributions are so I wanted to come back to your questions about contributions here so I think it is really important to list out pretty explicitly what your paper delivers right intersect you what you want to do is to say. Read more about proposals and contributions in research paper on Edusson.

If you read this paper here is the the payload the benefit that you will get you are the reasons you might want to read this paper and then you’re our goal is it’s like sort of menu in a restaurant your goal is to get your run your readers to sort of salivate at you and think which I could eat that right so here’s an example so this is an example from another paper I vote so I had a bit of an introduction to the the setting and why it was an interesting and important problem and then I said in I didn’t say in this paper we have following contribution so that’s actually a quite a good phrase to say we make the following contributions here I just said we put the choice on a firmer basis and then I had a list of bullets look right one you know and I think bullets are helpful in contributions because they forced you to articulate what are my contributions as a list and they make the reader think oh he’s making three contributions here now all contributing perhaps to some glands you know some grand idea but nevertheless they’re the sort of underpinnings of it and the other thing about this contribution stuff is to try to be refutable.

What’s refutable but I mean it is possible that you could fail to deliver on this contribution if you say we will study the properties of system X you’re not going to fail surely somewhere else in the paper there will be some information about the properties of system X right was if you say we prove that the system is sound of type checking is decidable those are at least for an expert understandable and refutable you know maybe you didn’t prove that it’s sound maybe you didn’t prove that it was decidable do you see what I mean and so let’s see you know we’ve used it in practice this is a very thing here it’s it’s at least more concrete I mean it clearly you did build the Wiswall system and implemented a text editor and you compared it with you know these are these are more these are I think think celery rather than overcooked spaghetti by overcooked spaghetti sort of floppy and and and soggy right celery has some crunch to it you want your contributions to have crunch.

How to give a strong presentation: tips & key phrases

Good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time of day it is, I hope you’re well.  Today, we are going to be doing a short lesson on useful vocabulary for making a presentation. So it’s going to be useful for college students when you have to make a presentation in class, and also for those of you who are studying business English. So we are going to be looking at how to begin a presentation, how to present ideas, how to… Useful words for putting your ideas across. Lovely.

So, a good way to start, at the beginning. We could say: “To begin with”, or: “To start off”, okay? So: “I’d like to begin by thanking you all for coming today.” Okay? “I’d like”, obviously short for: “I would like to begin”, the infinitive “by”… “I’d like to begin by”, and then you list the reasons or what it is you want to start with. Okay.

Another use of “begin with” or “by”: “It was a great start to the year, beginning with the press conference in Japan”, for example. Yeah? “It was a great start to the year”, and then “beginning with” with “ing”. Just the spelling when you are going to use “ing”, you need to add that extra “n”. “Beginning with”. So: “begin with” or “by”. It kind of also works with “start off”. So: “I’d like to start off by thanking you for coming to engVid today.” Okay? Or: “I’d like to start off by thanking you”. “Start off with”, “start off by”, “begin with”, “begin by”, great ways for starting a presentation.

The next phrase I want to come on to: “base on”. Now, “base” as a verb, it has two different functions. Okay? It can be the reason for a decision, or it can be to do with place. Okay? So… If I’m using it in the past, I would say: “This was a decision based on”, it’s the reason for decision. So, you came to engVid today based on your desire to become better at English. So: “I base”, so I… My reason for the decision, I base this on my understanding of the website. Okay?

Now, when I’m talking about place, we talk about basing yourself at. So: “This company is based in London”, or: “This company is based in Germany”, or if you’re going to talk about the future: “We will base ourselves in the United States” or: “We will be basing ourselves in Montreal or in Russia.” Okay? “To base yourself” and the reason for a decision. Okay so far? I hope so. Going to do a quiz at the end so if you… You can try out these phrases, and then I’ll give you a bit of feedback on the quiz.

Now, if I’m doing a presentation and I want you to do something, I might say: “I’d like you to come up with some ideas.”, “I’d like you to come up with some reasons.” Okay? So I’ll put: “ideas”. Let’s just work on the pronunciation, make sure you’ve got that right. “I’d like you to come”, “I’d like you to come up with”, “I’d like you to come up with some ideas.” And then you can ask them to do it with the person sitting next to them, whatever. Okay?

Now, this is quite a difficult phrase: “deal with”. Okay? It… It basically means to have an answer to. So: “We need to deal with foreign competitors.” This is a very difficult word to spell: “foreign”, okay? It’s “eiga”, “gn”, sorry. So: “We need to deal with foreign competitors.” Here are the foreign competitors, they’re saying things, and we need to have an idea. We need to have a good idea, we need to do something in return. We need to enter the fight, almost. Okay? “To deal with”. So, I am dealing with… You can ask it as a question: “Are you dealing with that?” If you’re the manager and you’re talking to someone in your company: “Are you dealing with that portfolio?” or whatever it is. Right?

Now, “move on”. This is a good way, if you’re doing a speech, to move on to the next chapter. Okay? So I have my beginning, come… I’m getting them to come up with ideas. I’m telling them to deal with something. And now, this is just a way of going on to the next chapter, so I’d say: “Moving on to our company’s progress in Hong Kong.” Okay? So, “moving on”, now let’s look at. Or: “I’d like to move on to…”, “I would like to”, “I would like to move on to”. Now, I’d like to move on to our next guest speaker, so I’m just going to go next door and see if he’s ready for us.

Why is it crucial to obtain PhD in psychology

Advance your career by earning a Ph.D. degree in psychology online from online accredited colleges and universities of your choice.

Doctorate degree in psychology enables you to do a key research within the area of psychology which is integral to enhancing understanding of psychological functioning.

Such online programs are taught by well-respected researchers and practitioners and help prepare you to make a difference in a variety of areas, and largely this will depend on the school you have chosen to undertake the program.

Ph.D. psychology degree offers various areas of specialization for students taking this program and these include;

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology

Also, note that not all online accredited colleges offer the above specializations since colleges tend to differ with their curriculum from another college. Therefore take your time to find out more what your prospective colleges have to offer.

The easiest way is to request free information from such colleges and go through them individually before you make your final decision.

Training for online doctorate in psychology

Doctorate programs take about 5 years of full-time study and this can be broken down into classes, comprehensive written exams, a dissertation etc.

Graduates with a doctorate in psychology do qualify for a wide range of clinical, research, counseling and teaching positions in various universities, healthcare sectors, private industry, elementary and secondary schools and government.

Potential earnings for graduates with Ph.D. psychology

Earnings for graduates with Ph.D. psychology degree may vary due to their level of education and experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Psychologist did hold about 170,200 jobs in 2008. Educational institutions did employ around 29 percent of the psychologist in positions other than teachings, such as counseling, research, and administration.

Psychologist especially those with doctoral degrees enter into private practice or do set up private research or consulting firms.

Median annual wages of clinical, school psychologist, counseling were $64,140 as of May 2008 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $106,860

Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

Networking opportunities and building relationships. Who are these other people that will be attending the classes that share a common interest with you? Not only do you learn from hearing the interaction between them and the instructor and them and other students, you find out what their goals and ambitions are beyond that commonality they have with you for the class. Maybe, just maybe it’s someone that you can actually leave class and continue the relationship with in a way that both of you benefit.

Example: In my little class of less that 10 (a good point that I forgot to mention earlier, small classes) people, there is Steve, who intends to do something commercially with fresh or healthy food (sorry, I missed the details will find out for you). Steve has opened up numerous restaurants of all sizes and now ready to venture out in his own creative entrepreneurial space.

resume service craftresumescom

There is Mary who has a natural talent for successfully writing grants one at least in excess of $300,000. She also has spent many years in HR and done some other stuff too.

There is Wood who plans to start a mobile Bar-B-Q business. He loves Bar-B-Q so much that he will do a pic picking at your location for a donation and…….wait for it….he has a special sauce that he says rocks. (I will let you know, plan to try it myself) He wants to pursue marketing the sauce one day.

There is a young lady who has been doing Tattoos for years before being booted out of the spot by the owner with no warning. They are going to turn lemons into lemonade and open their own tattoo parlor soon.

There are two other lady’s one has specific ideas, which I can’t remember right now and the other one is there to help retain the information to help her use it. She will probably leave the class also pursuing her dreams, she just doesn’t know it yet. Read the last – 3rd part – in my next post!


Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Release date: April 3, 2012

Pages: 549


Summary: Before Ismae was born, her mother tried to abort her using a poison. It didn’t work, except now Ismae is covered in a horrifying scar, and everyone in her village thinks she is the work of the devil. This isn’t far from the truth—after escaping an arranged marriage, Ismae is smuggled to the convent of St. Mortain, where special girls are trained in the art of death. Working for the God of Death, it is Israel’s job to kill traitors to the country of Brittany.

My thoughts: There are many elements that make Grave Mercy an excellent novel. The first is its world. LaFevers dips into the history of the thirteenth century but adds her own twist—a group of girls who kill for the god of Death. The mythology surrounding those who do Mortain’s will is intriguing, and the author does a fantastic job of developing it to the fullest. The very moment we enter the world of Grave Mercy, we’re instantly taken with how lush—and yet how dark and sly—it is.

Grave Mercy is also memorable for its writing: LaFevers writes complexly; she does not shy away from darker subject matter, and she uses a style that clearly expresses the historical setting. Grave Mercy is a prime example of a novel that doesn’t try to write for teens, it tells its story, and that story just so happens to be perfect for YA readers. There’s something to be said for a book with beautiful prose, and Grave Mercy says it loud and clear.

As a heroine, Ismae is more of an observer than anything else. A truly guarded individual, she doesn’t let much of herself seep into her narration. This is interesting, because it really gives us a sense of who Ismae is, despite not spelling anything out (it also gives us a chance to step into her shoes). Ismael gives off an excellent girl-power vibe: she refuses to let any man take advantage of her, and she is in control of what happens to her. I loved this about Ismae, and I loved her ability to soften once she became comfortable in her own skin.

One last thing to mention is the romance. It’s the best kind of romance—that slow-building and the subtle kind that has the potential to catch fire.

Grave Mercy is a perfect choice for readers looking to try something new. And fantasy fans—this one is for you. The concept is fresh and absorbing, the political intrigue always exciting, and the characters always lovable. Grave Mercy is unlike anything I’ve ever read before!

4.5/5 stars

For those who like: Fantasy, historical settings, girl power

Also, read –  A Free Online Essay Checker for all of your College Writing Assignments. Can you do what Robot Don does?

Why a GREAT Resume is Not as Important as a DECENT Network

We’ve all heard the advice. You must have a great resume in order to get a good job.

That piece of career advice is one of the reasons why resume writing services are so popular these days. Many professionals will shell out anywhere from $500 to $1,000 just to have a professional write their resume for them. I’m sure you’ve seen the websites for these services. They promise you will make over $100K or increase your income by $10k per year, just because you have a professional resume and cover letter. But do these resumes work any better at getting the job? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

In a traditional job search the purpose of a resume is to help you get an interview. Nothing more. A good resume gets your foot in the door and allows you to talk to the person (or persons) who make the hiring decision. In the old way of finding a job a resume is pretty much a blind introduction.

The problem with a blind introduction is that recruiters get more than 500 resumes for every posted position. There is virtually no way your resume will stand out in that crowd – no matter how well it’s written or how professionally polished it looks. If you want to get noticed you don’t need a resume, you need a personal introduction!

What if you could get an interview in a way other than by sending your resume? What if you could talk directly to the hiring manager and have them express their interest in you working for them BEFORE you ever sent a resume? If you could, then the purpose of a resume would be completely different, wouldn’t it? The resume would be more of a tool to help you seal the deal rather than a blind introduction. That’s what a personal introduction could do for you. That’s also why a strong network is so important.

So readers, here is a question for you Have you ever used a professional resume writer? If so, what kind of experience have you had with your professional resume writing service?  Did it help you get an interview?  Did it help you get the job?  Please post your answer so others can learn from your experience.

Too Many Best Places for One Lifetime

I’ve lived in Seattle for nine years now, and despite my best efforts to thoroughly explore the city and its surrounding areas, when I flip through the latest Best Places Northwest, I’m surprised how many parts of Washington I haven’t even come close to visiting. Downtown Bellingham? Never seen it. Bainbridge Island? Only viewed from a distance. Grand Coulee Dam? Where’s that? And so on. It just shows what a vast, diverse region of compelling attractions the Pacific Northwest is made up of—no matter how hard one tries, it’s tough to see everything.

Before moving to Seattle, I spent about 90 percent of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I love the Pacific Northwest, I suppose Northern California will always feel like home, since I grew up and went to school there. While there are certainly plenty of things I don’t miss about the area—for example, the morning commute traffic that averages about 85 mph on Highway 280, or the governor far more convincing in his role in the Terminator movies—it’s still a place dear to my heart, and one I don’t get to visit nearly enough.

essay writer reviewed at edusson

Everyone loves the Golden Gate Bridge!

I didn’t think there was much left in Northern California that I hadn’t already seen. While reviewing our brand-new sixth edition of Best Places Northern California, I realized just how wrong that assumption had been. This expanded edition features coverage from San Luis Obispo all the way up to the Oregon border. And that’s a lot of territory for any one person to explore, even over several decades.

For example, I thought that by passing through Placerville, I had seen the best of California’s legendary Gold Country. But reading through the book, I realized that a visit to Amador City and its Imperial Hotel Restaurant (page 479) would have been even better. And while I’d spent many a happy weekend hour roaming the downtown and beach areas of Santa Cruz, I’d failed to venture ever slightly southeast to Capitola to view its Mediterranean-style architecture and the lively, 867-foot-long Capitola Pier (page 173).

The author surrounded by two Bay Area pals at the Marin Brewing Company.

I was, however, glad to see that some old favorites that might not be part of the Northern California visitor’s standard itinerary made the book. The Marin Brewing Company in Larkspur is one such place, a site where I spent many hours enjoying great food, beer, and conversation. And the enthralling Redwood Empire along Highway 101 is richly described (starting on page 341). If it’s not the most beautiful area in California for a road trip, it certainly has to be in the top two or three. Anybody visiting Northern California really needs to make time to explore it.

Meeting the real Sasquatch is just one of the attractions of the Redwood Empire.

Best Places Northern California, 6th Edition, reminds me why most people I know from the Northwest love visiting Northern California as well. You can find any kind of experience you’re looking for—as you can in the NW—be it urban exploring; fine dining; amazing sightseeing; hiking, biking, and boating; and much more . . . yet no matter how much time you have to spend in either area, you’re unlikely to ever make it to every destination worth seeing. The new edition of this classic guidebook makes me realize how overdue I am for a vacation to the state—and the next time I’m there, it will help me discover parts I never knew existed.

A Food Lovers Visit to Portland

Food Travel

A friend of mine is visiting Seattle in September and has asked me to guide her in sampling all of the great foods the city has to offer. This is a request I can manage pretty well on my own, but when we decided to do a road trip down to Portland, too, I admitted I wasn’t as well versed in the city’s hot spots as I might like to be. What to do? I could go on an Internet wild goose chase—trying to rustle up the best of the best through various searches—or I could just consult a great resource that is already at my fingertips: Food Lovers Guide to Portland by Liz Crain.

And consult it I did. In fact, after doing so, the toughest part was trying to narrow down what sounded great to what was reasonable for a short visit! In true Portland DIY style, we will primarily pick and choose ingredients rather than limit ourselves to more formal sit-down meals.

Naturally, we’ll have to hit up the farmers market at Portland State University, which features more than 170 stalls (!) and a huge variety of offerings. We can pick out some fresh fruits and vegetables that might make for a nice picnic.

I’m torn about which bakery to visit and may have to sample the goods from more than one. I think we’ll grab a savory loaf from Pearl Bakery and some sweet breakfast treats from Pix Patisserie. Both earn rave reviews for their quality and specialty items.

We’ll certainly need some cheese to pair with our bread. And then off to Laurelhurst Market Butcher Shop we’ll go for cured meats to top it all. Depending on the time of day, we can either wash the meal down with a coffee or a tea.

We’ll also have to partake in the booming food cart trend by browsing the pod at Alder Street (near the downtown library). I’m thinking about a garlicky gyro from Aybla Grill, but I could easily be swayed by the other delicious displays . . .

Although this list doesn’t even come close to running the gamut of what Portland has to offer, I’m sure both my friend and I will be pleased with what we are able to sample. And anyway, it just means we’ll have to plan future trips to try all of the rest!

Where do you think we should we go next time?

Mix Loft

We’ve now completed commissioning of a second studio oriented towards modern production techniques. The Mix Loft and authoring suite emphasizes digital capabilities and is equipped for surround sound mixing.  Now available for use, it is an automated modern mixing and audio/video DVD authoring environment.

Using our Media 100 video editing system, the Mix Loft and Cyberworks (our Internet service division) team, are able to articulate the creation of interactive DVD titles with 5.1 surround sound.

The Mix Loft contains the following equipment:

  • Sony DMX-R100 fully automated digital mixing console
  • Protools HD vers. 6.1 on a Mac G4 Quicksilver 733
  • 192 Dig I/O w/ AES x16 IN/OUT
  • Nuendo 2.0 also available upon request
  • JVC 3/4″ Video Recorder/Player
  • BVW5 BetaSP Recorder/Player
  • TC Electronics System 6000 5.1 Digital Effects Processor
  • M&K Professional 5.1 Monitoring System w/Bass Management
  • Genelec 1030 Stereo Reference Monitors
  • Extensive assortment of plugins…..more than we can count!