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Confident Creative Writing

I know a lot of people choose to write off food these days but this particular one was just like very well written that I can’t tell you exactly what is that but I remember my question about it afterwards is that this person is like amazing it is an amazing writer and it’s not […]

Payload Of Your Paper

A classic error for research grant proposals as well they’ll also describe Mount Everest they say here is this enormous problem give us some money and we’ll tackle it and die in the foothills all right so don’t do this okay well so two things that examples and not being over ambitious here now the […]

How to give a strong presentation: tips & key phrases

Good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time of day it is, I hope you’re well.  Today, we are going to be doing a short lesson on useful vocabulary for making a presentation. So it’s going to be useful for college students when you have to make a presentation in class, and also […]

Why is it crucial to obtain PhD in psychology

Advance your career by earning a Ph.D. degree in psychology online from online accredited colleges and universities of your choice. Doctorate degree in psychology enables you to do a key research within the area of psychology which is integral to enhancing understanding of psychological functioning. Such online programs are taught by well-respected researchers and practitioners […]

Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

Networking opportunities and building relationships. Who are these other people that will be attending the classes that share a common interest with you? Not only do you learn from hearing the interaction between them and the instructor and them and other students, you find out what their goals and ambitions are beyond that commonality they […]

Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Release date: April 3, 2012 Pages: 549   Summary: Before Ismae was born, her mother tried to abort her using a poison. It didn’t work, except now Ismae is covered in a horrifying scar, and everyone in her village thinks she is the work of the […]

Why a GREAT Resume is Not as Important as a DECENT Network

We’ve all heard the advice. You must have a great resume in order to get a good job. That piece of career advice is one of the reasons why resume writing services are so popular these days. Many professionals will shell out anywhere from $500 to $1,000 just to have a professional write their resume […]

Too Many Best Places for One Lifetime

I’ve lived in Seattle for nine years now, and despite my best efforts to thoroughly explore the city and its surrounding areas, when I flip through the latest Best Places Northwest, I’m surprised how many parts of Washington I haven’t even come close to visiting. Downtown Bellingham? Never seen it. Bainbridge Island? Only viewed from […]

A Food Lovers Visit to Portland

Food Travel A friend of mine is visiting Seattle in September and has asked me to guide her in sampling all of the great foods the city has to offer. This is a request I can manage pretty well on my own, but when we decided to do a road trip down to Portland, too, […]

Mix Loft

We’ve now completed commissioning of a second studio oriented towards modern production techniques. The Mix Loft and authoring suite emphasizes digital capabilities and is equipped for surround sound mixing.  Now available for use, it is an automated modern mixing and audio/video DVD authoring environment. Using our Media 100 video editing system, the Mix Loft and […]