Confident Creative Writing

I know a lot of people choose to write off food these days but this particular one was just like very well written that I can’t tell you exactly what is that but I remember my question about it afterwards is that this person is like amazing it is an amazing writer and it’s not something we see very often it’s someone at this particular age and I believe that person was admitted and you know it’s very hard to get through these days so I think if creative writing or just like writing in general is really a strength of yours in and something you feel very strongly about that I’m very confident about then we’d say go ahead and go ahead and yeah yeah but if it’s something that you’re like not really sure about.

We just don’t think that this is really the place to take that particular risk and I want to say safe keep a secret you’re talking and the way you write about it still matter you still have to have a lot of people read it still think this really seriously but just you might not want to do an expressive essay written from the perspective of you know a mouse that lives in your house there are something weird like that because it’s just gonna come across especially for the quest for yesterday I would say because it’s supposed to be your biographical asset so it’s just really not the place and then for poem said that sort of thing generally they don’t really go across that well in this format either I’ve seen just a handful in several years of reading so I know that most people don’t really take that risk but I think it just kind of comes up a little bit I almost go see a little flick like that you’re not really going to answer the question that was given to you but instead show how interesting you are and that you’re gonna stand out but I don’t think that necessarily translates to the positive result that people always seek yeah.

That’s just my thing with poems sometimes it leaves us as readers kind of wanting more it doesn’t quite tell us in most instances I think it doesn’t quite tell us enough about who you are and your background then we would like for it to so yeah I agree with grey speak there have been a handful of that I’ve read that really stand out and left really you know lasting impression but for the most part those don’t and only they tend to work out quite as well as maybe some students think they would I think one other thing that we see quite a bit are quotes so quotes from like historical figures or I don’t know pop culture or whatever it is that kind of start the beginning of your essay or you conclude your kness thing with a quote I think it’s fine to do that if there is a way that you are really tying it to the rest of your application that it makes sense for the quote to be there whether it’s at the beginning or at the end.