Mix Loft

We’ve now completed commissioning of a second studio oriented towards modern production techniques. The Mix Loft and authoring suite emphasizes digital capabilities and is equipped for surround sound mixing.  Now available for use, it is an automated modern mixing and audio/video DVD authoring environment.

Using our Media 100 video editing system, the Mix Loft and Cyberworks (our Internet service division) team, are able to articulate the creation of interactive DVD titles with 5.1 surround sound.

The Mix Loft contains the following equipment:

  • Sony DMX-R100 fully automated digital mixing console
  • Protools HD vers. 6.1 on a Mac G4 Quicksilver 733
  • 192 Dig I/O w/ AES x16 IN/OUT
  • Nuendo 2.0 also available upon request
  • JVC 3/4″ Video Recorder/Player
  • BVW5 BetaSP Recorder/Player
  • TC Electronics System 6000 5.1 Digital Effects Processor
  • M&K Professional 5.1 Monitoring System w/Bass Management
  • Genelec 1030 Stereo Reference Monitors
  • Extensive assortment of plugins…..more than we can count!