Why a GREAT Resume is Not as Important as a DECENT Network

We’ve all heard the advice. You must have a great resume in order to get a good job.

That piece of career advice is one of the reasons why resume writing services are so popular these days. Many professionals will shell out anywhere from $500 to $1,000 just to have a professional write their resume for them. I’m sure you’ve seen the websites for these services. They promise you will make over $100K or increase your income by $10k per year, just because you have a professional resume and cover letter. But do these resumes work any better at getting the job? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

In a traditional job search the purpose of a resume is to help you get an interview. Nothing more. A good resume gets your foot in the door and allows you to talk to the person (or persons) who make the hiring decision. In the old way of finding a job a resume is pretty much a blind introduction.

The problem with a blind introduction is that recruiters get more than 500 resumes for every posted position. There is virtually no way your resume will stand out in that crowd – no matter how well it’s written or how professionally polished it looks. If you want to get noticed you don’t need a resume, you need a personal introduction!

What if you could get an interview in a way other than by sending your resume? What if you could talk directly to the hiring manager and have them express their interest in you working for them BEFORE you ever sent a resume? If you could, then the purpose of a resume would be completely different, wouldn’t it? The resume would be more of a tool to help you seal the deal rather than a blind introduction. That’s what a personal introduction could do for you. That’s also why a strong network is so important.

So readers, here is a question for you Have you ever used a professional resume writer? If so, what kind of experience have you had with your professional resume writing service?  Did it help you get an interview?  Did it help you get the job?  Please post your answer so others can learn from your experience.