Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

Networking opportunities and building relationships. Who are these other people that will be attending the classes that share a common interest with you? Not only do you learn from hearing the interaction between them and the instructor and them and other students, you find out what their goals and ambitions are beyond that commonality they have with you for the class. Maybe, just maybe it’s someone that you can actually leave class and continue the relationship with in a way that both of you benefit.

Example: In my little class of less that 10 (a good point that I forgot to mention earlier, small classes) people, there is Steve, who intends to do something commercially with fresh or healthy food (sorry, I missed the details will find out for you). Steve has opened up numerous restaurants of all sizes and now ready to venture out in his own creative entrepreneurial space.

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There is Mary who has a natural talent for successfully writing grants one at least in excess of $300,000. She also has spent many years in HR and done some other stuff too.

There is Wood who plans to start a mobile Bar-B-Q business. He loves Bar-B-Q so much that he will do a pic picking at your location for a donation and…….wait for it….he has a special sauce that he says rocks. (I will let you know, plan to try it myself) He wants to pursue marketing the sauce one day.

There is a young lady who has been doing Tattoos for years before being booted out of the spot by the owner with no warning. They are going to turn lemons into lemonade and open their own tattoo parlor soon.

There are two other lady’s one has specific ideas, which I can’t remember right now and the other one is there to help retain the information to help her use it. She will probably leave the class also pursuing her dreams, she just doesn’t know it yet. Read the last – 3rd part – in my next post!