Why is it crucial to obtain PhD in psychology

Advance your career by earning a Ph.D. degree in psychology online from online accredited colleges and universities of your choice.

Doctorate degree in psychology enables you to do a key research within the area of psychology which is integral to enhancing understanding of psychological functioning.

Such online programs are taught by well-respected researchers and practitioners and help prepare you to make a difference in a variety of areas, and largely this will depend on the school you have chosen to undertake the program.

Ph.D. psychology degree offers various areas of specialization for students taking this program and these include;

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology

Also, note that not all online accredited colleges offer the above specializations since colleges tend to differ with their curriculum from another college. Therefore take your time to find out more what your prospective colleges have to offer.

The easiest way is to request free information from such colleges and go through them individually before you make your final decision.

Training for online doctorate in psychology

Doctorate programs take about 5 years of full-time study and this can be broken down into classes, comprehensive written exams, a dissertation etc.

Graduates with a doctorate in psychology do qualify for a wide range of clinical, research, counseling and teaching positions in various universities, healthcare sectors, private industry, elementary and secondary schools and government.

Potential earnings for graduates with Ph.D. psychology

Earnings for graduates with Ph.D. psychology degree may vary due to their level of education and experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Psychologist did hold about 170,200 jobs in 2008. Educational institutions did employ around 29 percent of the psychologist in positions other than teachings, such as counseling, research, and administration.

Psychologist especially those with doctoral degrees enter into private practice or do set up private research or consulting firms.

Median annual wages of clinical, school psychologist, counseling were $64,140 as of May 2008 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $106,860